About us

The Moto-West Transport company was founded in 1998 year, and since then continually pursues its mission which is providing specialized transportation services.

If you have to carry out transport of some machines, tools, or any other goods, which exceed their weight or dimensions standard truck transport, the Moto-West Transport company can arrange oversized / overweight specialized transportation for you.

Our transportation services are carried out on Polish territory as well as in the area of European countries and Russia.

We offer comprehensive solutions for Importers and Exporters of all types of goods.

Our experienced staff is able to plan, organize and carry out any transport task considering all requirements.

We know how important aspect of the business is time, therefore, we offer a full range of services such as:

  • Route planning

  • Pilot assist

  • GPS Control

  • Special permissions

  • The technical support

    constituiting a guarantor of the quality of our fleet

  • Direct support

    of logistic specialist